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 Mahno, Symon

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Symon Mahno


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PostSubject: Mahno, Symon   Wed 25 Aug 2010, 7:03 pm

Sakura Academy
Let's go with Easy Go! To the unseen world...
Student Application

{{• The Principles
I can hear your voice that's slipping into the crowd
First Name: Symon
Middle Name: Ivanovych
Last Name: Mahno
Age: 94 (appears 16)
Birthday: January 12th, 1916
Race: Vampire

{{• The Proficiency
I'm searching for the the map of the future in the center of the intersection
Element: Water

Explanation & Limits of Gift: When he feeds on people he releases a special chemical that is injected into his prey and drugs them, getting them addicted to his feeding. This is how he keeps constant prey, of course he has control over whether to release it or not. It also syncs him to his prey so he can keep in constant contact and track them down, it also alerts him if his prey is in danger or not.

Weapon: None

Explanation of Weapon:

{{• The Presence
I believed in dreams always coming true on the other side of the sky!
Physical Looks: He has soft long red hair that almost has a purple hue to it. His eyes are a passive, almost blank ice blue the cuts right through people. His skin is light, with rosey cheeks. He has a slight femine look to him with is large round almond eyes and high cheek bones and pointed jaw. He stands at 5'6" weighing 110 lbs with a lean build.

{{• The Persona
What is there beyond the night? There are times filled with anxiety
General Attitude/Personality: Symon is a rather outgoing person who appears very friendly at first but he always has alternative motives. He looks at the world as his playground, and the people his puppets to use as he wants. He does not care what other's think of him and has a sadistic side. Though he does tend to have a soft side for animals. He doesn't get angry ever because no one is worth the time, they can only annoy him.
Goals: find a playmate that will actually entertain him for longer than a few months, live as long as possible, and have the cutest girl to prey on.
Likes: Cute girls that are smaller than him, play time, feeding, and dirty things ;}.
Dislikes: Anything that's not considered playing, fighting, losing, and being dissed.
Bad Habits: He is sadistic, selfish, rude, and thinks everyone is below him.
Fears: death
Other: Symon is allowed to go out in sunlight, but only for short periods or he will get sick, and if the exposure lasts, he will die. Being a vampire doesn't mean he's dead, he sleeps, breaths, and his heart beats like everyone elses, only his body has gone through a change so that he must feed on warm blood of a humanoid.

{{• The Past
Even if it's impossible, if we don't do anything, it will stay zero
Parents: Ivan and Alla Mahno
Siblings: none
History: Ivan was born in 1916 in Ukraine and lived fairly well until the Great Depression hit. His family was turned out on the streets in a dangerous neighborhood. Europe at the time was heavily wooded with vampires and with the economy the way it was, it wasn't difficult to find prey. His family had been attacked one night when he was only sixteen, they killed his parents but turned him. He the odler he became the crueler he got, he watched friends die countless times and soon stopped making them. He knew that he was going to live for a very long time and decided he must entertain himself in some way, and thus turning people into his puppets.
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Yuu Kanbashii

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PostSubject: Re: Mahno, Symon   Wed 25 Aug 2010, 7:07 pm


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Mahno, Symon
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