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 Kakaru, Hanatsu

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PostSubject: Kakaru, Hanatsu   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 8:52 pm

Sakura Academy
Let's go with Easy Go! To the unseen world...
Student Application

{{• The Principles
I can hear your voice that's slipping into the crowd
First Name: Hanatsu
Middle Name: Chiyo
Last Name: Kakaru
Nickname(s): Doll, Hana, Demon's Assistant, Little Satan
Age: appears 17
Birthday: December 24
Race: Mage

{{• The Proficiency
I'm searching for the the map of the future in the center of the intersection
Special Ability: Gravitational Manipulation

Explanation & Limits of Gift: Attuned to gravity, Hanatsu was born with the ability to manipulate it. She can levitate herself and other objects/people by altering gravity. Using the same method, Hanatsu can travel at high speed. She can also immobilize a living being by increasing the gravitational pull the earth has on the being. Hanatsu can recognize people by their gravitational signatures. Hanatsu has to meet the person to be able to recognize the gravitational signature. Otherwise, it will just seem like another stranger. All abilities are limited to a 500 foot radius of her. To alter someone/something's gravitational pull takes a lot of focus and energy. Hanatsu has practiced for many years, so the affect is dampened, but it will still be very tiring. Trying to use it too much will result in total body exhaustion and passing out. Hanatsu usually has sensors that tell her when she is reaching her limit, so she does not go over. Self gravity manipulation is less taxing and takes almost no concentration at all.
Weapon: Judgement and Penalty
Explanation of Weapon: Judgement and Penalty are pair guns that Hanatsu carries around with her always. Hanatsu can reload them with a single thought, so it does not take time. Bullets are gravity-guided, so they do not miss. Both guns have modified silencers, so they do not make a noise when shot. Judgement and Penalty can think, so they are Hanatsu's constant companions. They have conversations in her head, which become irritating. Judgement is negative and arrogant, looking down upon opponents and feeling that no other person is up to Hanatsu's caliber. Penalty loves to tease Hanatsu and thinks strategically. They both act as the conscious Hanatsu never had, except they do what is good for Hanatsu, not what is right.

{{• The Presence
I believed in dreams always coming true on the other side of the sky!
Physical Looks: Hanatsu has long purple hair that reaches her waist. Her eyes are a similar shade of purple. She is caucasion, at 5'5. Hanatsu is very slim. Most of her is the lithe, flexible muscle gained from battle. She usually dresses in formfitting clothes as to not get in the way of battle. She prefers wearing the color black. Hanatsu has been know as a bit of a tease. She likes wearing clothes that show skin.

{{• The Persona
What is there beyond the night? There are times filled with anxiety
General Attitude/Personality: Hanatsu is a loner, and usually prefers it that way. When around people, Hanatsu turns into a little trickster. She loves to pull pranks and irritate people. She is seductive around guys, always teasing and flirting. Sometimes, Hanatsu takes something too far but doesn't know it. She pretends to be always happy and hyper, but inside, she is a rather cold and emotionless person. She has a soft spot for small children, something she tries to hide. It is very hard to get Hanatsu angry. She may pretend to be irritated, but it is usually playing. When she does get angry, she is destructive and reveals her truer side.

  • Moon
  • Night
  • Silence
  • Solitude
  • Playing the cello


  • Loud people/things
  • Bright Sun
  • Bragging/boasting
  • Obnoxious, hyper, happy people

Bad Habits:

  • Zones out
  • Likes irritating people
  • Thinking too hard


  • People getting close to her (emotionally)
  • Being helpless


  • Ambidextrous
  • Plays the cello

{{• The Past
Even if it's impossible, if we don't do anything, it will stay zero
Parents: N/A
Siblings: Mira (deceased)
History: Hanatsu was born as Lacrymosa. She was the first daughter of the emperor's third wife. Because of this, Lacrymosa got everything she wanted. Jewels, clothes, anything and everything. Being a princess, Lacrymosa also received an education, something women of the time did not.

When she was eleven, the emperor was unseated by his closest advisor. The emperor's entire household was slain or sold into slavery. Lacrymosa was forcefully taken from her palace and put in the slave markets. She was bought by a Roman general who was well known and respected. He remembered her from when she was princess and bought her so he could do what he wished to do with her.

Beatings and other unpleasant things became the story of Lacrymosa's life. One, lucky day, the general made the mistake of leaving her in an easily escapable room, believing that she was too cowed to run away. She did run. Angry at her fate, Lacrymosa cut her hair into a boy's fashion and spent her time in the streets of Rome, surviving on her own. She taught herself how to fight and defend herself. She made a vow to herself that she will never be helpless ever again.

Later, while traveling from village to village, Lacrymosa came upon an injured young man. Taking it upon herself to help him, she removed him from the streets and took him in the forest, where herbs and fresh water could more easily help him than the infestations on the Roman streets. Carefully trying nursing him back to health, soon, Lacrymosa earned his trust. Ashton, the man was called, had been injured fatally, and the most Lacrymosa could do was dull his pain. Thankful for her help, Ashton revealed that he was a mage, capable of magical powers. Knowing that his time was limited, Ashton passed his powers onto Lacrymosa as a parting gift.

After Ashton's death, Lacrymosa traveled the world, finding out more about her gift. As others aged, Lacrymosa noticed that she, alone, did not. Thus, she moved often and changed her name many times. Soon, she did not stay with civilization, choosing instead to live in solitude.

So many years have passed since her life's first experiences. She decided to settle with civilization once more. Taking on the name of Hanatsu Kakaru, she chanced upon Sakura Academy and decided to enroll.

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PostSubject: Re: Kakaru, Hanatsu   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 9:26 pm

hmm you will be watched closely for goddmoding but other then that

Jins theme song

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Kakaru, Hanatsu
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