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 Karimi, Casper

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Casper Karimi


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PostSubject: Karimi, Casper   Sun 27 Jun 2010, 10:56 pm

Sakura Academy
Let's go with Easy Go! To the unseen world...
Student Application

{{• The Principles
I can hear your voice that's slipping into the crowd
First Name: Casper
Middle Name: --
Last Name: Karimi
Nickname(s): Cas
Age: 17
Birthday: August 18th
Race: Human

{{• The Proficiency
I'm searching for the the map of the future in the center of the intersection
Element: Lightning

Explanation & Limits of Gift: He can control electricity in many forms but doesn't see reason to use it often.

Weapon: Twin Falchions.

Explanation of Weapon: Large, thin swords (Like they use in aladdin, since I don't have a picture...) that are quick and graceful when used by Casper or any of his skilled bodyguards.

{{• The Presence
I believed in dreams always coming true on the other side of the sky!
Physical Looks: Casper is 5'7'' with clear, slightly tanned skin. He has straight blonde hair to his shoulders and moss green eyes. He appears to be very pretty and feminine, despite the fact that he is male. He often uses his beauty to sway others' opinions and make people do what he wants.

{{• The Persona
What is there beyond the night? There are times filled with anxiety
General Attitude/Personality: Casper will often be very quiet and thoughtful when he is by himself, usually thinking about what's bothering him or ranting to himself about not getting what he wanted. When with others he will be polite but slightly vane and egotistical. When with someone he dislikes he will glare a lot and probably make many mean sarcastic remarks towards them. When with someone he likes he will try his best to make that person happy and scold them for being sad or unhappy.
Likes: getting what he wants, being praised for things OTHER than his beauty, older men.
Dislikes: repeatedly being told he's beautiful, people only liking him for his looks and power.
Bad Habits: Snapping at people when angry.
Fears: Never being loved for who he is.

{{• The Past
Even if it's impossible, if we don't do anything, it will stay zero
Parents: Mother: Deceased. Father: Darius Karimi
Siblings: Younger sister, Anayis.
History: Casper was born and raised as the prince of a small Persian area. He was always getting comments from princesses, princes, lords, even servants and commoners about his feminine beauty that he had acquired from his mother who had died giving birth to his sister. Casper hated being the heir to his father's throne, because that meant that one day he would have to find a bride. Not exactly what he had in mind, considering he wished to be the bride of someone else, a man. King Darius tried countless times to find a woman for Casper, but they were always turned down. It was then that his father learned that Casper was gay.
Darius tried everything he could to make sure Casper never came into contact with other princes, not wanting him to fall for one and cause embarrassment for him. But this being so, Casper would fall for commoners and servants every now and again, but it never got very far before his father banished them.
Casper came to live in the Karimi estate near Sakura Academy so he could finish school away from home and hopefully find someone his father couldn't take away from him.
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Yuu Kanbashii

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PostSubject: Re: Karimi, Casper   Sun 27 Jun 2010, 11:08 pm


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Karimi, Casper
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